Jessica Iskandar make a sexy Strawberry

He started his career as a model, Jessica Iskandar (23), more known as a soap star and presenter. In fact, now he's trying out luck as a singer.

Appearances are increasingly not escape the attention of women who are known through the film Dealova it. Because, he is more often seen on television and public events.

One is the skin. Women who familiarly called Chika's skin smooth and radiant face. No acne is stopped in his face that always cheerful itun "Want to know the secret" I enjoy wearing the strawberry mask. So, strawberries dihancurin, continue rubbed into the face, "he said yesterday, when met at the Office of RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

To treat the face, he prefers to use natural ingredients. Because the movie stars Coblos Love is afraid if you have to undergo treatments such as facials at the salon. "Fear of face push-push. Kan sick. Most if facials once a year, "he said, then smiled. Therefore, to minimize the impurities that come to face, he's getting used to wash the face with special soap regularly. In addition, never took her face when her hands are not sterile aka unwashed.

But, Chika denied treatment because of the many faces that say the face seem sexy. Especially the lip. "Many still say that. Cuman baseball is when treating the face to keep say sexy. Because I think that sexy is not reflected from the physical, but thought, "he said. According to him, positive thinking will emit an aura of sexy.

"People that have positive thoughts, it radiates her sexuality. Although he was wearing protective clothing, so it still looks sexy. The way he walked, the way he talks, it could be impressive sexiness. Thus, it is not always sexy to wear skimpy clothes and open, "he continued. Now, if the body, which part he says reinforces the impression sexy "" Hair, "he replied. Chika said hair length can increase confidence in appearance. "The more confident with long hair wrote. Moreover, had always wanted to have long hair. But, as new parents may manjangin hair after high school, "he added


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