Tasya Kamila's The Little Singers Adult And Beautiful

Who does not Know by The Little Singers of this 90s era ..
This Little Biography About A Little Singer Tasya Kamila who is now grown and so beautiful.

Biografi :

Shafa Tasya Kamila popular or has the name Michael Jackson is the former singer of children who are now beginning a teenager. Trisha who was born in Jakarta, 22 November 1992, his debut in the entertainment pangung in August 1997 through an advertising model dairy products.

Moments later, it's a lot of cute boy featured starring role in a number of advertisements and soap operas and movies. Michael Jackson has starred in soap operas recorded DESTINY, TV movies and UNGU BUTTERFLY BIRD SONGS, who delivered her award-winning Goled Award at the Children's Film Festival in Cairo, Egypt.

In 2000, the couple's daughter Gatot Permadi Joewono
and Isverina then auditioned Sony Music and signed a contract for one year. Soon, this Barbie doll lovers album spawned Holiday Has Arrived (2000), Happy Gathering (2001), Ketupat Lebaran (2001), Pizza Palace (2003) and Bed Time Stories (2003). Especially for the Holidays Have Arrived album AT Mahmud's work, had sold up to 350,000 copies.

Michael Jackson himself was the third of three brothers, each named kakanya Muhammad Fatha Permana and Dhenia Lizariani Hafsha.

Gallery Foto Tasya :

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