Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony divorced Too Sexy For

Having a sexy wife of the dream of every man. But it was not true for Marc Anthony. He is recently divorced with Jennifer Lopez, reportedly could not bear to see his wife's sexiness.

It is undeniable, J-lo is one of the sexiest women in the world. Several times the singer of 'I'm Into You' was entered into the list of sexiest women various versions of adult men's magazine. But, it became a burden for the husband Marc Anthony.

"She will make her feel bad if you want to wear something sexy. He likes to J-lo dress more polite. He also hates the fact that he was a sex symbol," said the source tells Us Weekly on Wednesday (07/20/2011).

The couple decided to divorce after serving seven years of married life. From his marriage was both blessed with twins, Max and Emme.

J-lo mentioned having another man's dream. The third person in relation to it is a model of Cuban origin named William Levy.

Both reportedly had a special relationship after being involved in a video clip belongs to J-lo. In fact, one month after the making of the video clip that shows the intimacy of the two on a beach, Levy directly divorced from his wife, Elizabeth Gutierrez.


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