KK Dheeraj Many Receive blasphemies and insults

Jakarta, KK Dheeraj latter name stuck due to frequent to pick up a porn star and indulgence in exciting scenes in the movies production. As a result, K2K Productions boss that was often abused and blasphemed the community.

He did not know it's not. Dheeraj even follow any forum that contains blasphemy against him. "I can much criticism from the people or in Internet forums. Many of the insults and blasphemed me," he realized.

Detikhot talked with at his office in Jalan Dr Saharjo, Tebet Barat, South Jakarta, Dheeraj outspoken about the things that afflict him due to the films production. Blasphemy against him even till grazed SARA sentiment.

He told me, had "slandered" will be deported to India. Thus, everyone must have thought he was coming from India. On this, Dheeraj responded casually. "Some say even I would be deported to India. Maybe people thought I was not near an Indian, but it's not, "he said.

"I was born here (Indonesia), at the Hospital of Our Lady, Menteng, Central Jakarta," details. He also deplored the attitude of some of the organizations and communities that are often cornered. When presented the facts about the "hobby" to bring porn stars, who no matter how troubling some segments of society, Dheeraj nimble dodging.

For him, no problem to bring porn stars to Indonesia as long as it's not for filming a porn movie. "Actually, they can not ban porn star to play the film in Indonesia. Maybe they like that image, but they're not here to play a porn movie. We're not filming a porn movie, we want to shoot movies there, which certainly rules," he explained tried to argue.

Dheeraj claimed to always try to respond to insult and harsh criticism and even threats that come to him with a head cold. He then criticized behind, with judging people too surprised if he was invited to play porn stars in the film. He himself considered his film a scene in the ordinary course.

"If we call a porn star, our society is already too surprised. But when they see his film, o, ordinary scene, only they are aware," he said.

source: detikhot


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