Lady Gaga wearing shirt Costume Raw Meat

Clothing Fact 8 Raw Meat Lady GaGa!

MTV Video Music Awards 2010 is over. But the classy musical event is still an impression, both for the winners and audience events held at the Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, on 13 September. Especially if you remember the clothes worn Lady GaGa meat. Still makes me curious is not it?

Is it true that the clothes designed by fashion designers such quirky Franc Fernandez native of meat? Then, where do the clothes after the subject? Let's look at these phenomenal dress 8 facts:

1. Lady GaGa meat shirt made ​​from 100% real meat!
Yes, indeed. Clothes, shoes, hats, plus a handbag worn Lady GaGa music event where he won the cup eight of the original meat. The meat comes from local butchers who are related in Los Angeles.

2. It smells delicious! (Oh yes?)
Many people think, how it smells when worn Lady Gaga? Definitely smells fishy or rotten. Eits, wait a minute. If this is the smell, of course, can not be used this Romance singer of Bad. Lady GaGa even say, his clothes smelling sweet. Likewise, guests who come around, too, said the clothes do not stink.

3. Raw meat is very heavy clothes!
Compared to the fabric, the meat was indeed much heavier. Moreover, the subject of raw meat. Well, the dress of Lady GaGa's meat weighing up to 50 lbs or 22.67 kilos know. But that number so heavy affair, which is important to the style used. Right?

4. Raw meat in cheap clothes Lady GaGa!
Meat for clothing materials that make an animal advocacy group, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) This was cheap you know. It does not have special meat, meat sellers said. Peter Cacioppo, Ottomanelli Brothers butchers in the East Side, said, "No meat is expensive in that dress, there's no specific meats like steak. Meat is the best there's just over his head."

5. Meat clothes comfortable to wear!
Lady GaGa's own words you know. In fact the designer himself was worried that the dress will be a handful. But, instead of complaining, Lady GaGa even say that the clothes are most comfortable clothes he wore throughout the night. Mmm ...

6. 100% natural raw meat!
Believe in disbelief, the material is subjected Lady GaGa meat is totally natural. No additional substances or preservatives at all. Great yes, get resistant and odorless.

7. No blood stains!
If observed carefully, there are no traces of blood on the shirt Lady GaGa flesh. It is special and recognized solely by the designer Franc Fernandez. "The meat is clean, very tough and strong and not damaged. It is usually roasted meats, which are usually placed on the tortillas before it is inserted into the oven," said Franc.

8. Clothes beef jerky finally finished!
Who said this durable clothes? His name is also from a natural raw meat, of course, undergo a process after that. And it is justified by the designer clothes worn when Lady GaGa can only be disposable. The meat will dry up after a long time, and eventually became jerky!


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