The Hot Sexy Pose Kinaryosih Only

Name: Kinaryosih
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, March 3, 1979
Zodiac: Pisces

Kinaryosih born in Jakarta, 3 March 1979. He is an actress that has a number of film and soap opera star. Women commonly called Kinar the start to the world of entertainment through the model stage. From here Kinaryosih reach first champion Femina face 1997, which then delivers himself to the film world. New in 2001, Kinaryosih start act in the soap opera. Kinaryosih soap opera is ndahnya Cinta, Romantika, Aku Cinta Kamu, Perkawinan Sedarah, Wulan and TV Serial Jomblo.

Achievements & awards:
1. The first face 1997 champion Femina
2. Image Cup 2006 Best Female Supporting Actor category through the film Suddenly Dangdut

Gallery Foto Kinaryosih :

The following few photos Kinaryosih in the magazine FHM. Kinaryosih or usually addressed Kinar started plunge into the world of entertainment through a stage model of ground water. Kinaryosih photographs were often graced several magazines and milling around on the internet. Kinaryosih get a chance to get into the big screens in 2006, while also supporting the film "Females" directed by Lola Amaria. Then followed the film "Alexandria" and "Suddenly Sexy" with Titi Kamal. Kinaryosih also had become one of the contestants of The Amazing Race Asia 2. Unfortunately I did not get a photo during Kinaryosih in The Amazing Race Asia 2. Here are some photos in FHM Magazine Kinaryosih.

Kinaryosih get the opportunity to support wide-screen film director Lola Amaria, Betina. Then followed the last film and Alexandria, Mendadak Dangdut Rudi Sudjarwo landing. Through the film itself and then get the image of grace Cup 2006 category of best female helpmate.
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