Shinta-Jojo Lip Sync Video News 'Hamil duluan'

Still remember the name of Shinta-Jojo? They have just uploaded their newest video entitled Pregnant Here Too.

Same as before, the duo who had become phenomenal with this poison conch, now issue a new lipsync stance Tuti Wibowo's song whose title Oldest Pregnant with their funny facial expressions.

It seemed indeed a new video uploaded by Sprott on Youtube, because on the date printed May 21, 2011.

The song tells of promiscuity when perpacaran causing pregnancy outside marriage. However, Sinta and Jojo packaged with great humor, facial expressions they look so adorable with a belly filled with dolls so they look like pregnant people.

At the end of the video Sprott gave birth to a baby pink rabbit. This video actually has a good message because at the bottom of the video, Sprott wrote the message reads, "The song is ngocok stomach but do not be in the example, yes," as quoted from (05/24/2011).

Until this news was revealed, video visitors Pregnant Oldest Sinta-Jojo has just reached 787 visitors. The management of the shade they both do not know about the 'act' is.



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