Ahead of Idul Fitri, Dewi Persik Prepare Angpao Dollar

Jakarta Welcomes Eid, Dewi Persik angpao has prepared for his nephew. According to him, by dividing the sustenance to the relatives would not make someone fall into poverty.

"I've got nieces and nephews, so I give us. They want dollars, do not want dollars. If not you give us will not become poor, so I might not poor, I would still rich as long as I still love to them," he said with a laugh when found in East Jakarta District Court on Wednesday (08/24/2011).

Dewi Persik believe, he will always be shaded by luck if you keep sharing. Although now well established, the singer of 'Secretly' is in fact still get any new clothes from her parents.

Former wife of Jamil Saipul it also plans to return to his hometown in Jember. He was glad to get time off while in the process of trial cases claw-claw with Julia Perez.

"Thank God given time, it resumed its sessions after the Eid so pengennya home soon," said Dewi Persik smile.


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