Rihanna Bodyguard way to protect his boss from mischievous poke his fans .....!!!

Bodyguard for singer of Barbados, Rihanna, seemed full duties with diligence.

diving, drinking water, Rihanna's bodyguard, protecting at the same time feel.

The photo shows the hand cupped her breast Rihanna's bodyguard who looks not wearing a bra. However, the singer seems rude boys do not mind. Wearing shirts that show belly hanging and pants the color of soft brown, Rihanna greets fans at Optus Headquarters.

he looked back to make sure if he cling to his friend who was separated from the crowd huge fan of the singer's former boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna was in Australia for the leg of his tour of The Last Girl on Earth and could be seen strolling and enjoying the Sydney while buying sex toys in the shop of The Tool Shed.

bodyguardnya said: "Yes, rather than held-hold people who do not clear, mending pegangin I wrote, and to provide more" protection


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