Ten Most dream vacation Hongkong Rich

Emma Matthews is the head of a luxury concierge service Quintessentially. Here he shares his list of goals most desired holiday premium services by members of the Asia Pacific region.
Services newest luxury ship: sail around Indonesia by boat pinisi Silolona Boat.

Stay at a five star hotel or relax at the beach is a vacation dream of many people, but not such activities are looking for luxury travelers. They are looking for trips that provide the experience of a lifetime or a luxury. Because of his best-selling type of vacation like this, Quintessentially Escape was founded.

This type of vacation they want, including whale watching in Argentina, wine tasting in South Africa, Kenya luxury safaris, private tours to the Pyramids, or a driving tour along the western China. The objectives of this rich popular tourists including India, Egypt, and Africa, but now more and more requests came for China. Latin American countries, like Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica also proved popular.

The luxury travelers are looking for authentic experiences, but they also want the hotels, resorts and airlines are concerned about the environment. Environmental responsibility that they seek not merely to limit washing towels. They are more interested in how they travel and support local communities to use natural ingredients. They do not want to hide in the resort are closed - they just want to go deeper in the destination and its people.

Some vacation packages are already available to Quintessentially members include: driving on the China tour, trekking in Papua New Guinea, horse riding holiday in Mongolia, sailing in Asian waters using private yacht like Silolana, wine tasting in South Africa, various matters involving Latin America such as Mexico , Costa Rica and Argentina, as well as archaeological tours in Egypt.

Here are some popular luxury destination in Asia, which was visited by members of Quintessentially:

1. Leti 360°, India
360 ° Leti is a boutique hotel nestled at an altitude of 8000 feet (2500 m) in the Himalayas. This place truly offers the experience of a lifetime: a rare tourists who passed by, and you must stay here at least three nights. There was no Internet networks, cellular telephone network signals is limited. The rich Hong Kong will enjoy morning and evening skies are clean, quite the opposite of those stuffy city full of smoke and pollution. The hotel is almost entirely made ​​of local materials. Just imagine the lights copper, teak furniture from Burma, a bonfire, and a bed with glass walls on two sides. Landscape that appears here, the culture and the people we met are also closer to India than other luxury travel packages in this area.
website: www.shaktihimalaya.com

2. Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef, Australia
Sal Salis is a luxury in the middle of a wild bush, so you do not have to suffer while camping in the Cape Range national park. There are five spacious tents on the beach, directly overlooking the Indian Ocean. Accommodation includes a very comfortable bed, terrace and details of buildings that are environmentally friendly. This place is appropriate to look at the sky at night and see the sights reefs and cliffs nearby Mandu Mandu.
website: www.salsalis.com.au

3. YL Residence No. 17, Koh Samui
Private villas in Koh Samui is almost unbelievable. Luxurious and very exclusive, complete with the latest gadgets and a simple white design that looks like a house of a class A star in Hollywood. There are ten guest rooms, a library, games room, cocktail bar, swimming pools and nightclubs, as well as additional gardens and beaches. The place is very cool.

website: www.ylresidence.com

4. Tawaraya Ryokan, Kyoto, Japan
This ryokan (Japanese inn) the best in Japan, Tawaraya really charming and authentic. For 300 years, this place has been managed by the same family, the family Okazazi. This place was originally intended as a center of textile merchants. Accommodations at this place is quite simple - all typical Japanese tatami mats - but comfortable and the staff warm and friendly here. They will prepare a traditional Kaiseki cuisine every day. Celebrities such as Marlon Brando and Alfred Hitchcock never stay here when going to explore the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, in the past.

5. Hotel De La Paix, Siem Reap
Various ancient Khmer accent was clearly in a place that was friendly. This is where you find the luxury to rest after a day admiring the version of the UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor Wat, about 10 minutes drive from this place. Some special features of this site, including a terrace with a specially designed tub, spa treatments and special seasonal Khmer menu packed with local ingredients.

website: www.hoteldelapaixangkor.com

6. Trisara, Phuket
Only a limited circle who knew about Trisara. Exclusive resort and spa is comprised of a collection of villas with swimming pools and luxurious rooms, all facing directly into the ocean from private ponds. But the most remarkable of this place is the service and atmosphere. Everything is provided without you having to ask or think. This is the destination for a short vacation that will keep you go.

website: www.trisara.com

7. Tenda Kemah Four Seasons, Segitiga Emas
One more once in a lifetime experience an amazing and very unique. Located in between the bamboo forest between Thailand, Burma and Laos, this camp consists of 15 tents at the edge of the Ruak River region of Burma. Guests can explore the hills around the camp on foot or ride an elephant to trace the path expedition is included in this adventure.

website: www.fourseasons.com/goldentriangle

8. The Peninsula, Shanghai
Open since late last year, the latest addition to The Peninsula offers a variety of technology equipment in the world's best hotels. Rooms are spacious and luxurious, but his place in The Bund and the view of contemporary Chinese decor and art-deco chic will ensure you experience its Shanghai of the best locations.
website: www.peninsula.com

9. Uma Paro, Bhutan
Hidden among the hills of pine-covered Himalayas, Uma Paro is a luxurious simplicity. In accordance with the culture of the surrounding countryside, the rooms here are decorated in a soothing white furniture, including yoga mats where you can relax in front of the landscapes that have not been damaged. This you should see before Bhutan is open for general tourists.

website: www.uma.paro.como.bz

10. Silolona Boat, Indonesia
For a real adventure, a traditional wooden boat ride but this luxury in Langkawi and sail for six days. This trip will take you to the Komodo National Park, Flores, Sumba, Savu Sea, Timor, Alor, Lembata to see the reefs and islands amazing. Sailboats will be yours for a week and there are five private rooms here, the decor mostly from teak decks, and there is a relaxing area. Cook on this ship is really an expert - every night they will be serving fresh and there is a complete professional dive facility with 17 people crew to meet your various needs. Every night, you can choose to eat the dish grill, enjoy a bonfire on the beach or a dinner at the teak deck.



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