Some Artis Indonesia The Famous Abroad

Research from a variety of media, we are aware that there are some Indonesian artists who want to try his ability not only within the country alone .. they want to break into foreign countries. nah .. Here are some artists who are known or famous Indonesian abroad.

No doubt he was the first Indonesian artist who can expand to Europe. In 1994, Anggun decided to leave Indonesia and to realize his dream of becoming an international artist. With the help of Erick Benzi, a great French composer, in 1997, Anggun successfully released his first international album, Snow on the Sahara, in over 33 countries worldwide. Anggun was recorded as the most successful Asian singer outside of Asia.

2. Daniel Sahuleka
The singer born in Semarang, December 6, 1950 was a Dutch singer who bleed Ambon, Indonesia. He lived in Winterswijk, where singing talent dicuatkan by Rudy Bennett. Daniel is not much published album. Some of his songs are famous in Indonesia, among others, You Make My World So Colorful which emerged in the early 1980s as one of the songs in the album Daniel Sahuleka (1977), and "Do not Sleep Away The Night" which is a single album with the title the same in 1978. At the beginning of his career as a recording singer, Daniel shelter under Polydor (Netherland).

3. Shandy Sandoro
Shane was born in central Java from the family of musicians. Cousin of Ira ​​Maya Sophia is often spent time playing the band to sing his songs Van Hallen, Mr. Big and the Black Crows in high school. During college Shandy must bear the cost of living and tuition alone. He became a street musician or a musician in the city of Berlin to earn after failing to receive work in a supermarket. This is where Shane begin in familiar community of musicians in Jerman.Banyak who did not think that Shane is an Indonesian or Asian. If you only listen to his voice, people will think that Shane is African-American artist because his voice is very soulful.

In 2007, Shane tried to follow Stefan Raabs song contest and won the 5th position. In April 2008, Shane finally released an indie album containing songs of his creation, titled "Why Do not We". The first single is titled "Shine" is the result of a collaboration with DJ Ibiza and Dublex Inc., which entered the chart hits on radio stations in Europe. For his services it the name of Indonesia, in August 2008, the German Embassy gave him grace Karya Satya Satya Badge.
In 2009, encouraged by a music producer Brandon Stone, Shane contest New Wave. Similar to the Idol contest is one of the events that are important musical talent and attract millions of viewers and media internasional.Shandy be the winner of this contest along with a Ukrainian singer. In this contest, Shane brought some of the songs are When a man loves a woman and a song composed his own, entitled "End of the Rainbow". Shane scored 10 and a standing ovation when singing these songs. Even the judges praised his courage as he sang his own creation. Name Shandy become stronger and international prominence after winning the contest.

4. Meeghan Henry
Born in Surabaya on January 7, 1995, adolescents aged 15 years Indonesia has the blood of the mother that the original Surabaya. But when Meeghan four years old his family moved to Los Angeles, USA.
Meeghan career in the music world started when the musician and producer Ronnie King caught his talent when he was in California Sound Studios. Seeing the talent Meeghan, King was meneawarinya to suppress the contract with Wright Records Inc.., An independent label. Besides singing at school events is active and various events in the city where he lived, Meeghan diligently follow the competition in the world model. Some of its past achievement, among others, was the runner-up Child Model of the Year in New York in 2000 and won the Little Miss San Dimas in 2004.

5. Wisnu Witono Adhi
Witono Vishnu, who was born in Jakarta 9 September 1983, became famous in Norway. After he became the only foreign participant who made ​​it to round five Norwegian Idol talent search achievement reached Vishnu certainly made ​​many people proud after suksesdi Norwegian Idol 2006, Wisnu began releasing several popular albums to date

6. Michelle Branch
Michelle Jacquet Branch DeSevren (born in Phoenix, Arizona, July 2, 1983, age 26 years) is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from the United States. For premature babies who were born seven weeks early, her first name is taken from a Beatles song, entitled "Michelle". Irish singer crossbreed, Indonesia, France and the Netherlands has two brothers.
Michelle Branch's grandmother from his mother was born in East Java, so most likely Michelle is a descendant of Javanese. There is also the possibility he Madurese descent. It also did not rule, he bloody Sundanese or Tionghoa.Michelle Branch became a guest star in the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer and American Dreams.
On May 23, 2004, Branch was married to a band bass guitarist, Teddy Landau, 19 years older than himself, in Mexico. The first child of the couple was born on August 3, 2005 under the name Michelle Branch Isabelle.Sekarang Owen joined a band called The wreckers, with first single "The Good Kind".

7. Reza Ningtyas Lindh
Reza was born in Jakarta, January 1, 1981. Since 2004 he lives in Lund, a small town in southern Sweden. Reza settled there after marrying and working as an assistant chef. beginnings singing in public since she was nine years old when he sang at the anniversary celebration of RI. Reza has also participated in the Asia Bagus, an Asian singing talent search program in the era of the 90 an.Sejak settled in Sweden in December 2004, Reza just sing on the anniversary celebrations in the region Skine RI, Sweden in 2006 with a surprising voice of other Indonesian citizens.

In the early summer of 2006 when the team arrived in Malmo audition near the town of Lund, co-Reza secretly set him up for an audition. The grounds will invite Reza trips to Copenhagen, friends Reza Audition immediately took him to a place where hundreds of other people also waiting here giliran.Di Idol contest beginning his journey in 2009 in which the jury chose to enter the top 20 in Stockholm later broadcast live nationally to select 12 finalists.

8. Liquicia Anggraini
Female 33 years old born in Bandung began expanding in the country by cooperating with retail Harvey Nichols at Grand Indonesia. He becomes interested in the fashion world since it first set foot in the city of fashion world, New York, ten years ago. He studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Tecnology. Liquica collection has been marketed in some American cities such as Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, South Carolina, Virginia and New York. Also been exploring some countries such as Japan, Dubai, and Puerto Rico

9. Tania Gunadi
Name of artist Tania Gunadi barely audible in Indonesia. In fact, fathers born in Bandung, July 29, 1983 This is a movie star of television and the big screen in America. Tania Gunadi may even be the only artist from Indonesia that existed in the American film industry, especially in the film the television series.

Tania Gunadi moved from Jakarta to Los Angeles with his family when he was a teenager. Because love acting, Tania school teachers acting by Robert F. Lyons. Robert F. Lyons is a former Hollywood actor who starred in several blockbusters in the era of the '70s and 80's, like "Cease Fire", "Gunsmoke" and "Dealing".

Having forged an acting school in Robert F. Lyons, Tania began to receive first role in a short film as a dancer. Tania Gunadi first film was "A Real Job" produced in 2001. But since then he started getting a variety of commercial bids for the production of the Disney Channel. Tania Gunadi name is well known as a player in a number of TV production of the Disney Channel. He served as Allison Wong in the Disney Channel comedy series titled "Even Stevens".

10. Adi Priyo Sambodo
Adi shocking is the lead singer Sambodo 6ixth Sense (Malaysia). Derived from Jember, East Java. He was born on October 1, 1983. his creation of the famous song in malaysia is khatimah Tale of Love and Love. In Malaysia, the work of Adi Priyo Sambodo song on 6ixth Sense has received numerous awards.

There may be some other artists who would follow such as Agnes Monika and Laura Love .. We'll wait to hear from them.


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