Wife Nazaruddin: Find a girlfriend Again

JAKARTA - "Do you always feel, man just yourself alone. Better to be decided, Look At My Girlfriend '

That's the favorite song Neneng Sri Wahyuni ​​(29) who is none other than fugitive wife KPK M Nazaruddin. Find a song called girlfriend Again sung ST12 band, often played as well as upset with the hum Neneng Nazaruddin and dizzy with his work.

Although her husband was the founder and owner of PT Anugrah Nusantara, Sri Wahyuni ​​Neneng not want to sit at home. Mother of three children helped take care of her husband's company. His position was unsparing. Finance Director of PT Anugrah Archipelago.

PT Anugrah Nusantara was founded in 1999 by Nazaruddin in Pekanbaru, growing rapidly. Nazaruddin established several subsidiaries, among others, Crown Collection, Children's Affairs. And the entire financial control in Sri Wahyuni ​​Neneng unknown Nazaruddin when buying a Toyota Land Cruiser in Medan. It was Neneng a sales promotion girl (SPG) car.

Life wallowing in wealth, not always make happy. Despite already having three children, Neneng and Nazaruddin sometimes still noisy. The problem now because of women. Tribunnews.com Sources tell, never once Neneng furious when informed Nazaruddin being alone with another woman. But the emotion Neneng found no results because there was no evidence of her husband's affair.

Because discordant voices about her husband she often heard, Neneng was then looking for an outlet. The result, didapatkanlah a song that fits her voice.

"The song was ST12. Then again dizziness, Neneng set the track Find More boyfriend. He seemed upset with her husband at the time," said the source Tribunnews.com.

Nazaruddin also reported sexual harassment by an SPG as congressional Democrats in Bandung in 2010.Sebagai board member of the Democratic Party, Nazaruddin successfully confront all these allegations. The proof, the case of SPG in Bandung is just disappear. Report to the police in Bandung is also not clear whether or not to be reported.

And now, when her husband was troubled, remain faithful to accompany Nazaruddin Neneng. He fled the country joined the day before Nazaruddin banned KPK on May 24, 2011. Police Headquarters even publish, Neneng and her three children moved around the country participated.

Latest information, along with Neneng Nazaruddin arrested in Cartagena, Colombia on Sunday morning at around 02:00 local time. But now the existence Neneng is still confusing. Police arrested launch Neneng come together Nazaruddin.

But Ambassador to Colombia who first met Michael Menufandu Nazaruddin after local police arrested Colombian, said Nazaruddin was alone in a cafe before dawn.


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