Artists conduct heat leak photo by rating Movies

Jakarta - The case of leaking of hot photos of celebrities when it is undergoing shooting erupted again.
More recently, shocked the public by the circulation of hot photos of The Killers who were bathing in cyberspace.

The photos were apparently in the middle of filming a scene for Aida movie Pelukan Hantu Gerandong from the work of production houses K2K Productions. Aida claimed to not know anything about why the photos were leaked on the internet.

"I do not know anything about it, it's just a movie scene. But why the sudden be circulating in cyberspace?" Aida said, when contacted via cell phone on Wednesday (5 / 1).

Aida was deeply shocked to learn the photos surfaced on the internet. Rooster singer also defended himself by stating that the photos that leaked in the virtual world it is a regular photo.

"The period so I took a shower wearing a nightgown. Surely I should dress I was in the shower. But I will not vulgar, I'm still wearing underwear and shorts miniset," Aida defense.

However, Aida is not the country's first celebrity, who leaked shooting photos in cyberspace. Call it a sensational dangdut singer Dewi Persik.

Dewi Persik had horrendous public some time ago, because the heat of the photos circulated widely on the Internet. In the photo, Dewi Persik shirtless. Her breasts were covered only with her long hair flowing. Photo apparently taken no secret. Because, Goddess deliberately posing visible.

However, she forgot when she posed topless. But, he remembered photographed topless while filming a video clip.

"It fits my picture filming video clips in the office of RCM (Republic of Love Management)," said Depe, call Dewi Persik, Thursday (25/11/2010).

In response to the circulation of the photograph, Depe was not evasive. He admitted that the photo was indeed him. "Yes it's my photo. My old photos, Mas. I forgot the year and month," he said.

Dewi Persik Aida and respond to the leaking of hot photos of them when you're filming with calm and relaxed, unlike the actress Jenny Cortez.

Photo of Jenny Cortez hot when shooting a spread widely on the Internet also have time to make a public scene. The photos could be hunting a lot of people are curious about the sexy curves Jenny Cortez.

Jenny Cortez furious and threatened to sue Rp1 billion to PH New Cita if within one week were unable to find her topless photos spreaders. It was put forward during a press conference in the Area Dewi Sartika, East Jakarta, Monday (2/22/2010) Jenny Cortez regarding topless photos that circulated widely on the Internet.

New Image, is a production house that makes the movie Ghost Hunters The Movie. Jenny topless photos spread, taken while he was diving filming the movie.

Although it will require Rp1 billion, told Jenny, in fact to do with the production houses represented by the New Cita Alam, has been good. However, Jenny as a victim still wants spreader photographs was investigated and brought to the law.


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