Astonishing Facts About Pornography on the Internet

Want to know more other astonishing facts about the pornography on the Internet following the data:

. 70 Percent of the office Porn Site Now Open Hours
Pornography is still the highest consumption for the traffic. Severity according to the online magazine, the user is actually accessing pornographic sites during office hours between the hours of 09.00AM - 17.00PM.

· 12% of sites in the world contain pornography.

· 25% are looking for through search engines is pornographic.

· 35% of the data is downloaded from the Internet are pornographic.

· Each second 28,258 Internet users view pornogafi.

· Each second of $ 89.00 is spent on pornography on the internet.

· Each day 266 new porn sites emerge.

· The word "sex" is the word most searched on the internet.

· U.S. Revenue from pornography on the internet in 2006 reached $ 2.84

· Users pornography on the internet 72% of men and 28% of women.

· 70% of internet porn traffic occurs on weekdays 9:00 to 17:00 hours.

· It is estimated there are now 372 million pornographic web pages.

· Website pornography produced by the British 3%, 4% by the Germans, and 89% by the U.S..

· Website pornography that his most high-traffic: AdultFriendFinder,
was ranked 49th with 7.2 million visitors.

· State-state the ban pornography: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain,
Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya,
India, Cuba, and China.


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