Ayang Merinda Putri Exotic Poses

He began his career as a model, Ayang Merinda Putri finally decided to migrate and seek his fortune in the capital city. At least been about 3 years often face wara-wiri in several adult men's magazine Indonesia and Asia.
His career in the world model can be said not just run smoothly. Because the parents were angry and had forbade him to take pictures vulgar.
In fact he claimed to have expelled by her parents from the house being caught vulgar picture taken for a product.
Unintentionally, she finally went into the acting world with his debut film premiere 'Angel Jakarta' and get the lead role.
Now Ayang've felt all of the entertainment world ranging from modeling, acting and ftv wide screen, as well as several times into commercials for a product.
The former cover girl prefers the 2004 model line as a way of life. Because according to him, easier and easier to find the money.
Ayang sexy eyes are open does not have to dress or vulgar. Therefore, although only with a mini dress that was simple, he remained confident will look sexy.
According to some close persons, Ayang a sexy body parts are the eyes and lips.
Even so, he still feels that he has a high sex appeal.
Since sitting dibangku junior grade 2, Ayang have started getting their own money from their work became a model.
At least 73 awards already shaped trophy or plaque from a variety of race fotogenic and so forth.

Gallery Photo's Ayang Merinda Putri :


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