Febry Putranti, Section of Lip Up Leg

Jakarta Born with a naturally beautiful body is a fortune to be grateful. Therefore, many artists have to pay dearly to obtain the desired beauty. One that did not have to pay it is Febry Putranti.

Movie stars 'Pursue Jodoh You catch' was admitted due to be born lucky sexy. Although, when asked which part of a sexy body, he himself confused.

"I'm sexy? Hmm ... Maybe the thigh times yes, a small and long legs. Then maybe think I like the lips too. I do not know too deh, please its own value," he said while talking in the office detikhot in Warung Buncit, South Jakarta.

Febry did have a proportionate body and a strong aura of sensuality. Naturally, before plunging into the world of the film owners of 172cm height and weighs 45kg it's worked as a model and still they do today.
Febry experienced many interesting experiences when diving filming 'Pursue Jodoh You catch'. He admitted the difficulty when having to memorize dialogue, let alone play while the expression must be acting in front of the camera.

"Look at the camera does not groggy. Precisely groginya was told to fit the dialogue and the need to memorize a lot of text pages. If for example one scene or expression, must be repeated constantly. That's still hard," he explained.

Even so Feby never give up and keen to learn more precisely fix the shortcomings. He claimed to include people who are always learning from mistakes, and the total in doing anything.
Although more interested in the modeling world, women born in Bogor, February 27, 1992 that claimed to want to continue exploring the world of film. Through it he hopes to continue to hone his talents in acting and become a stepping stone to a future career.

"Although the wish is also in the model, I would also likely pursue a movie. If there's ever bid again, I do not deny because it could be a stepping stone and I also add to the experience as well as in acting," he said.
The youngest of three brothers were more interested in playing in a religious film than most horror films are peppered with vulgar scenes. He considered most movies like that only sells women's sensuality without in line with the story.

"I like movies so than the religious-religious movies Satan but not obvious. I do not like horror films but there are vulgar, I dont think fit. It's really not OK," he said with a curt tone.

"Okay horror, but I dont want any vulgar scenes and shows the girls bathroom and the camera panned half chest. Not like aja and think I'm not classy," he added.

That's why women who also played in the television movie 'The guy I boyfriend seclusion' is like the films by director Hanung Bramantyo religion, such as 'Ayat-Ayat Cinta' and 'The Enlightenment'.

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