Actor and actress who hate each other

Who would have guessed that when these films made, the atmosphere on the set is not fun because the actors and actresses primarily hate each other. Anyone?

1. Leonardo DiCaprio dan Claire Danes
The news that the two actors had a chance to engage romance was clearly just a mere gossip. During the filming of "Romeo & Juliet", Leonardo is known as an actor and often menjahili nosy colleagues. But she hated it and called Leo "immature." Leo retaliated by calling her "rigid" and "Goody."

2. Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford
During filming "Hollywood Homicide", Harrison Ford considers Josh Hartnett as a young snob. Josh responded by calling Harrison Ford, "Old Pacific." During the promotion period "Hollywood Homicide" before the media, the two actors are always involved a war of words and denounce each other.

3. Michael Bay and Megan Fox
Megan Fox called director Michael Bay just rely on special effects in the movie "Transformers" and ignore the acting. He then also equated with Hitler's Michael Bay. Michael Bay Megan Fox retaliated by firing and replacing it with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

4. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu
Bill Murray is always in a bad mood during the filming "Charlie's Angels" because he reportedly did not like Lucy Liu in which he said "have a very big ego." In order to avoid Lucy, Bill refused to come to the premiere of this film and finally refused to play in the sequel Charlie's Angels.

5. Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore
When both actors are currently filming in Australia for the film "Red Planet", Tom Sizemore asked for an expensive gym equipment specially shipped from England for him to practice. This makes Val Kilmer hated it. The director had to use a stunt double for the scenes featuring them both, because Val Kilmer refused to talk to Tom.

6. Anthony Hopkins And Shirley MacLaine
These two veteran actors played together in the movie "A Change of Seasons" in 1980. Anthony Hopkins disturbed by Shirley MacLaine who was known for always excited. He later described Shirley as the most annoying actress who had worked with him.

7. Joanne Crawford and Bette Davis
They are probably the two disputing the first actress. Even during the filming of "What Happened to Baby Jane", Bette Davis by intentionally kicking Joanne Crawford. He even called Joanne as the cause of the men in Hollywood suffering from venereal disease.

8. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze
Two actors are hostile since playing together in the movie "Red Dawn". When they returned to face in the movie "Dirty Dancing" Jennifer Grey almost rejected because it did not want to deal with Patrick. But thanks to "Dirty Dancing" was the two enemies are finally friends again.


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