Jennifer Bachdim 4 Months Pregnant?

MALANG - Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, sister Jennifer Bachdim pregnancy admitted his brother. According to him, Irfan's wife's pregnancy has entered the age of four months since she saw his brother's stomach has begun to bulge.

But when found when following the exercise Persema, Kim claimed not to know much about his brother the pregnancy progresses. He also admits he can not predict when Jennifer will give birth.

He observed that Jennifer has started bulging belly. "I do not know when to give birth. If the two months of giving birth again, I do not think it possible, perhaps only four months of her pregnancy," said Kim.

According to Kim, for this itself is rarely communicate with Jennifer and Irfan.

In fact, as long as Jennifer was pregnant, she never held her sister's stomach to feel the "kick" the candidate's nephew.

"As to that, I never did. I just knew that her stomach had started to grow," he added with a laugh.

Irfan and Jennifer were married in Germany July 8, 2011 and, despite being challenged from Irfan's family in Indonesia, but the two lovebirds are still married.


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