Tika Putri Newcomer Artist in the World of Entertainment

Full Name: Atika Putri
Nickname: Tika Putrik
TTL: Jakarta, 1 November 1989
Last Education: University of Bina Nusantara
Hobbies: Singing, Shopping, Acting course, love fashion
Favorite Music: Fergie (Big girls do not cry), Tortured Soul, Jamiroquai, seven days, john legend
Zodiac: Scorpio

* Yasmin
* Sitcom Coffe Bean Show

* Women Berkalung Turbans
* When the Mix
* The tragedy of the Code
* Oh My ... God
* Si Jago Merah

Tika Putri sitcom actress and movie star who does not know Tika Putri beautiful girl is also often the stars video clips and video clips that I know of anyway Backstreet Boys music video that had the title in Between You.

Tika is now performing in the Coffee Bean Show and have played in the variety show called Prime Time at the Trans also want to be cast in the movie screen width. Before becoming a sitcom actress, plays the female body is 1.68 meters to start a career as an advertising star.

Gallery Photo's Tika Putri :

* Update after long time not find any pictures of the latest when the daughter can eventually also other photos of the action when the daughter is hopefully the fans when the daughter loved it.


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