Entertainment Gossip Justin impregnates his fans?

Los Angeles: Justin Bieber stumbled on a problem. The singer teenager is accused of impregnating a woman. As proclaimed in The Sun, Wednesday (2 / 11), Bieber held responsible for having knocked Mariah Yeater to have children.

20-year-old woman was also the courage to demand a DNA test to prove if the baby is now three months old is the son of Bieber.

Yeater said, when he was 19 years old having sex with Bieber backstage. At that Bieber's concert in Los Angeles, USA. Yeater also would require the court to Bieber Canadian singer was willing to pay child support which he called the result of their relationship.

Bieber's spokesman, Matthew Hiltzik, angrily rejected it. He accused Yeater libelous Bieber and sensation seeking. "We will make efforts to protect Bieber of all charges," he said.

After hearing the news is slanted .. 
Justin Bieber denies impregnates

Los Angeles: Rumors that proclaim impregnate teen idol Justin Bieber fans was the middle of a warm conversation. The star did not stay silent. Bieber denied all the news that damage the good name it.

Baby hitmaker was said that it was a very wicked slander. He also vowed to take legal action. 'This is a very vile slander. We will do anything to defend and protect Justin in this case, "the spokesperson said Bieber.

This case became the subject of conversation after a woman claimed bernaman Mariah Yeater had children from the relationship deangan Bieber. 20-year-old woman also has the courage to DNA testing if the baby is now three months old Bieber is true of children.

Yeater said he had sexual intercourse with her Bieber Bieber backstage at his concert held in Los Angeles, USA, last year. Yeater will also demand that the Canadian singer to pay child support which he calls as a result of their relationship.

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