Minister accused of kidnap son, Tania Want to Report a Mother to SBY

Jakarta, Artist Tommy Kurniawan Jakarta Police reported to the South by the Minister Fadel Muhammad's wife, Hana Hasanah for allegedly kidnapping her son, Tania. Hannah felt the police intervened, Tania had to report his mother to the President.

"I know mama do not like it at tommy and mom does not mean the wife of the Minister. Tommy husband and me until this moment they do not even want to meet with Tommy and I want to ask the President," Tania said when met at the office of legal counsel, Hotman Paris Hutapea in Summitmas, Jalan Sudirman, South Jakarta, on Monday (4/25/2011).

Previously, Hanna reportedly had pulled a report on the soap star 'ABG' it. However, it turns out the police have recently re-called Tommy and Tania.

The couple, who claimed to have married on 11 April 2011 were examined as a witness. Seeing this, Tania also hope the police act fairly handle the case.

"I ask a favor to the South Jakarta Police and the Police, do not have the same staff that dikongkalikong mama," said 20-year-old woman.

Tania claimed her case had not yet finished confused. In fact, she and her husband have been officially married by the father.


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