Artist Hollywood with Predicate "Hot mama"

He was 10 Artist Hollywood this with Predicate 'Hot Mama'

Jakarta Not a few women who think twice about having children for fear of losing her sexuality. But unlike the 10 celebrities the world below. They are even more shine after giving birth her ​​baby.

Having a child does not mean a mother subordinated appearance. Although they are a celebrity world, they must also take care of her children. As reported Zimbio, Friday (6/5/2011), the predicate "hot mama" was certainly worthy of dressing on them.

1. Heidi Klum
Every woman who became the model of "Victoria's Secret 'would no doubt her sexuality. One of Heidi Klum. Supermodel 36 years it has been blessed with 4 children, but did not lose the body beautiful.

2. Angelina Jolie
Actress this one seemed endless to be discussed. The couple Brad Pitt was still always look sexy even if having children is enough. 34 years this artist has 6 children, 3 the results of adoption and 3 more biological child with Pitt. Besides taking care of his children, he also often appeared on the show of humanity.

3. Gwen Stefani
One of the coolest mom at this time certainly deserves dressing to Gwen Stefani. He always seemed beautiful to look at every opportunity. Gwen has a rock band, married to rock star, gave birth to two cool kids. Perhaps, we are a matter of time, when her baby became a rockstar.

4. Halle Berry
Once placed into the '50 Most Beautiful People ', Halle definitely make the list this hot mama. At his age who have entered the heads of four, she still looks perfect. Certainly not excessive rate of Halle as a sexy mother. In 2003, he also became the number one sexiest according to FHM.

5. Jessica Alba
For the first time in 2001, Jessica Alba get a list of 100 sexiest women Maxim magazine. In 2006 he became the cover of Playboy, and several years later had a child. And, you know, not the slightest changes of the stars 'Fantastic Four' it? She looks the same as it first appeared as a sexy woman.

6. Reese Witherspoon
The mother of two children Ava and Deacon, Reese Witherspoon has been listed four times to 100 most beautiful people in People magazine. Certainly no one doubt her sexuality. Naturally, he holds the title as Hot Mama. In addition to his work career, he did not forget to take care of her two children. In fact, Reese had just married to Jim Toth claimed to want to add more baby.

7. Jennifer Lopez
Beautiful-bodied, always in the spotlight, that's present in Jennifer Lopez. While it is blessed with two twins, the singer of 'Jenny From The Bronx' it still looks sexy. Kesibukkannya addition, he also admitted that her babies are a top priority. Well, yes a good mother.

8. Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson has one son named Ryder from her marriage to Chris Robinson, was seven years ago. Now, the 31-year-old artist was carrying her second child. However, it seems to grace the sexy woman did not disappear from the stars 'War Bride' is.

9. Victoria Beckham

They have three sons, did not make the faded aura of sexy Victoria Beckham. After her marriage to footballer David Beckham in July 1999, he was like the first. Certainly not an overstatement to assess personnel 'Spice Girls' was a hot mama. Now, Victoria is also being heavily pregnant 4th child. He is expected to give birth next summer or the end of 2011. After giving birth, Victoria masihkah sexy?

10. Christina Aguilera
This year, Stonewall or the organization of gays, lesbians and bisexuals giving awards to artists who are considered inspirational. One of the gain is Christina Aguilera. Surely predicate hot mama no doubt for the singer of 'Beautiful' is. In fact, he once commented that the appearance is everything, although it has been blessed with one child.

"Women are allowed to express themselves and certainly not embarrassing to show their bodies or their sexuality," he said.


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