Sex Fantasies for Women and Meaning

As with men, women also have sexual fantasies. Interestingly, there is significance behind these sexual fantasies.
As quoted from the Redbook, according to a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University's College of Physicians, Hilda Hutcherson, MD, there are five of the most common sexual fantasy dream woman. Here are five such sex fantasies.

1. Having sex with another man
Usually other men who became partners in a woman's sexual fantasy is a celebrity. With this fantasy does not mean women are not satisfied with the sex life they have. It's just that women want sex experience new and different than usual.

2. Threesome
If a woman imagine herself making love with two people, it means he is want to be adored and cherished. Believe it or not, women like to think of herself, her partner and another woman having sex together because it means the pair are also attractive in the eyes of another woman.

3. Dominasi
This fantasy makes her do things that are normally taboo without feeling guilty. Saw a man begging to be made ​​love to make women feel dominate him. This indicates that your fantasy is a woman full of control, freedom and full responsibility.

4. Sex with women
Having sex with a woman's fantasy does not mean you question your sexuality orientation. This fantasy show that you appreciate the sensuality and beauty of a woman. In addition, you also have an open mind to get pleasure.

5. Making love with your partnerThis is the most common fantasy for women. This fantasy helps you recall those times your honeymoon with her husband and this means that the he could always make you excited.


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