Due to Child Sex party Appears Social Conditions

Jakarta - Feast of child sex in Palembang, South Sumatra, appear due to social conditions of their 'sick'. Psychologically, the children are in the process of doing action mimics the events going on around him.

"Of course we are concerned. This incident one form of how the environment these children grow socially sick," ujat Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, Arist Merdeka Sirait while talking to AFP on Wednesday (04/20/2011).

Arist explained, television that leads to free sex, also contribute in the formation of a minor character. "This is actually part of the process mimic. In medical science, children are sexually immature and they do it not in consciousness," Arist said.

Pornography, continued Arist, has an addictive nature, because it invites curiosity for children to do so either alone or in groups, as happened in Palembang.

"There must be psychological and psychosocial therapy approaches and the front guard to keep the kids are a parent," he explained.

The act Sawa (12), There (12), Baya (12), Iha (12), Uda (12) and YAG (11) instead of acts that can be subject to criminal action. Aris requested that the police acted wisely in solving this problem. Children, further Aris, was a victim of pornography.

"The police can act wisely and wise as it is not authentic crime," he said.

A number of boys under 13 years caught engaging in an orgy with peers. This act even occurred three times in different places.

This action was revealed when Saman (40), one of the parents of victims, reported to the Police West II Ilir, Palembang, on Wednesday (20/04/2011). New Road residents Depaten, 28 Ilir, Palembang, this complaint problems that befell her son.

Against this case, the police chief of West Ilir II, Kompol Aprianto Trie, said today the parents of the boy Ilir Police were called to the West II. Police conduct mediation in order not to avoid misunderstandings. Moreover, one of the parents still do not accept the actions immoral.


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