Foto Hot Session Artist Ika Putri in Popular Magazine

"Ika Putri" Young Married Virginitas"

Though her vocal abilities enough to color the world singing the country. Beautiful face with a plump body, supporting his performance as an entertainer. The adult way of thinking to impress his interlocutor. But why still impressed as a girl mami? Though she spoke quite eloquently about virginity? Especially when the unthinkable to marry at a young age.
Ika, Glamor World, and the popularity of Moot

Sunny morning welcomed the presence of plump-bodied girl in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta. Since establishing the world's choice of singing, Jakarta has become the second city, after Singapore, as a place to hone themselves. No wonder, back and forth Surabaya-Jakarta would he do in order to smooth singing career in the world. Toh, coed Unair FISIP Communications is also not willing to lecture abandoned. He wants, whether college or career is running smoothly without a hitch.

Like that morning, according to the promises that have been agreed upon, Ika has been back in Jakarta. This time Ika agreed to attend a photo session which will be published in Popular Magazine. Escorted the Papa, Mama and two sister, Ika admitted feeling fun. "Tonight we are going to watch the concert 'The Three Diva'," recalled the birth of Singapore, March 15 about the presence of all members of his family in Jakarta.

"It's cool," a sincere compliment soon slid from her lips. Yes, an expression of feeling like it is intended to JK7 Bar & Club, which became the location shooting. Nuanced cozy bars and clubs and has live music program makes Ika want to sing there one time.

Ika Putri, Nature Moody & Be Yourself

Travel singing career in the world is not separated from one festival to the next festival. Since childhood Ika was accustomed to follow the various festivals and competitions, ranging from children's karaoke contest, karaoke, pop singer, pop singer East Java, to achieve the overall champion in 2001. Not satisfied with the results of the local level, Ika decided to develop a career at the national level. The festival is not the main target.

In Jakarta, Ika decided to add the ability in singing. Unsparing, Ika choose studied with Bertha, a person who never doubted his ability in giving birth to talented singers. It's just, Bertha must be willing to commute from Jakarta to Surabaya because Ika prefer a school in her hometown.

Blessed with a beautiful face and body plump, Ika deserve grateful. She also realizes humans are far from perfect. There is just lacking here and there but it was not catastrophic. Whatever is given, it must be thankful for. Is a natural thing, even if that adheres to this principle, whether a celebrity who rules from which, are required to perform perfectly in the public eye of fans.

But that does not apply to Maya. The owner of the album 'Rainbow Lost' (2001), 'Born' (2004), and 'Born Repackage' (2005), this would not Shop-Shop with body care. Natural appearance made him feel quite comfortable and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, it does not affect the sound quality is slightly rounded and somewhat heavy.


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