Ika Putri "Sexy Performance on Stage"

Ika Putri, Keep Condition With Aerobics and Karate

In order to maintain body condition singer Ika Putri regular exercise each day. Starting karate, swimming, badminton to be done in order to maintain aerobic stamina body condition, in addition to keeping her body order not stretched.

"If sports are more routine yes aerobics, swimming and badminton. Sometimes also karate same father. I once was wushu because the father had a private dojo. So once a week training," Ika Putri said when met after playing futsal with my entertainment reporter Village Kuningan, Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday night.

Currently, female from Surabaya was also recognized the benefits of sport. In addition to a healthy body, he also rarely attacked by diseases.

"Yes really, other than fun agency is also fit and sweat out really fast. So rarely sick, too. If sports are not so seriously as athletes, because it takes more concentration I think. For now, I am more interest in singing if just for a sports maintance body continues to fun, "she said.

Re-affirmed goal Ika Putri exercise more to shape the body needs, including the hand muscles. "I used to have a routine form of muscle in the gym and I saw Britney Spears and Madonna. So I want to raise ya muscle," she said then laughed.


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