Apparently Aulia Uli artist Joy With A Challenging.

Here's Confession A Uli aulia "I like something challenging. Whatever the sport, extreme sports. If seen, I really feminine. But actually I was a tomboy, "she said when met at the Boulevard Bistro, Menteng, Central Jakarta actress who collided with Mario Lawalata acting in the film The scandal was often channeled his hobby in between filming. Even when starring in Ghost Island 2, he could melakoni scene in accordance with the hobby to enjoy the underwater beauty.

Di balik penampilannya yang feminim,
Uli Auliani ternyata menggemari olahraga menantang.
Diving (menyelam) dan hiking (mendaki gunung) menjadi dua diantaranya.

"When filming Ghost Island 2, there are scenes of his diving. Was happy, while filming a hobby. But I'm usually free diving, filming fitting that I should be aware of the camera, "said the woman was born in Bandung, West Java, November 20, 1985.
Not infrequently, Uli experienced minor incidents such as diving hobby. Smooth running of any body, forced decorated scar. "The skin I'm sensitive, so easily hurt. But that's okay. I do not particular care to the salon, because I do not like sitting doang continue dimanjain (therapist). I'm an active person, "he explained.

But behind his success Uli aulia also often affected by the negative side .. like the previous news about the circulation of Kissing Similar Photos With it ..
Dan Bukan Itu aja .. Ada Juga Berita tentang Poto Toples uli aulia.
Most Artists Must Do It Like This To Boost Its popularity ..?
wah .. like where you respond to it ..
If the Positive Behavior We Say Others Also must be Positive .. but if that behavior and our actions .. So definitely Community Negative Assume also that the artist's Not True ..
Whatever it is .. The Positive Value of view lah ..


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