Arumi So Models Clips Singer Malaysia

AFTER seven months of the vacuum in front of the camera, Arumi trying to build another career on the stage entertainment. Good-Good movie star sweetheart who had this problem with her ​​parents, began performing in front of the camera with a video clip star singers from Malaysia, Alif Naizal. Although it has been a long time off, no doubt implied and awkward when you re-start the world who has raised his name. "Yes, this is the first time, and Praise be back to normal.
That is the thanks I've given confidence back, "said Arumi in Kemangisan, West Jakarta, Saturday (9 / 7). Although not a movie or soap opera, women who began his career as a model is quite enjoy the role. "So far, anyway enjoy-enjoy it. Entertainment was a lot of fun, not the sit down front of the computer. A lot of creativity that we have to do.

every job disparate and have an atmosphere suitable place and the concept is so at ease it, "said the girl born in Jakarta, February 19, 1994. Moreover, he said, portraying characters that are not much different as acting in films and soap operas which he had done. Only, in acting this time, he did not have to explore its ability to drain energy.


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