Furry Citra Dellina So Beautiful

Furry Citra Dellina (Uyie) Pevita briefly looked like Eileen Pearce,
Cuii equally beautiful,, theater artist in a TV trance.
"Starting from modeling in 2005 following the bloody woman Banjarmasin South Kalimantan that has the full name of Furry Image Dellina born in December 10, 1990 to continue his career with a plunge in the world of Music and plays some of the FTV and Cinema Film Indonesia like, screams Kuntilanak, Bloody Pendant, and Revenge Engke Kali. besides playing a few movie, female 3 brothers are also often serve as a model in some video clip follows the name of the video clips he had starred, Samson (Still Loving), Night To Remember (Sorry.Dia Mine) and Ares (For ye). He also frequently starred in several cinema theaters Trans Tv, from the existing data on Facebook and Twiiternya (whether original or not), this girl has thousands of friends and followers. Update status did always invite a lot of comments from web users the friendship. many are also in microbloging who want to just meet or inquire about the identity of this young artist.

Gallery Photo Furry Citra Dellina :


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