The beach crowd was May naked

There would be no one who refuses to be walked when on holiday to the region and the Nude Beach. Resort beaches are reserved for those who love this jolly berbugil does offer a million charm. But where the place?

Actually not difficult to find resorts Nude Beach, in our neighboring countries, Australia, there are several locations that are reserved for those who like naturalism and the place was spread over almost the territory of the country. But if you want to know where the most popular, take a few minutes to read this list.

1. Montalivet - Perancis

This area is inaugurated as the region Nude Beach since 1950. These are made to satisfy the desire of the Nudist and maintain their security. Just so you know, Le Centre Hélio Montalivet Naturist is the originator of the international movement. This place is designed out of reach families and those who are underage.

2. Hedonism, Negril, Jamaica

The atmosphere on offer in this area is an adventure and enjoyment of yourself and enjoy the adventure "special" with a different dimension .. want to know? aja come directly.

3. Samurai Beach, Australia

The difference this beach area with Nudes Nudes another beach that is sporty. In November each year, held Nudist Olympics. They were to race among other things, a relay race and surfing .. fun all the peseta, spectators and the jury shall be naked .. wowwww.

4. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The region that extends along three miles offers everything needed by the nudist who was in Canada. Many souvenirs are offered this region. Hmmmm but when I'm naked, put their wallet where?

5. Red, White and Blue Beach, Santa Cruz, California

This region tends to prefer the privacy, because most of the beach area owned by individuals. If you are looking for a crowd this probably is not the place but if you want bernude-ria without the hustle and bustle of other people, you've come to the right place.

6. Red Beach, Crete, Yunani

Nudist area in the land of the Greek gods allows visitors to berbugil ria except in the dining room. This beach has a background scenery of ancient ruins and a combination of ancient caves.

7. Praia do Pinho, Camboriú, Brazil

Pinho beach in Santa Catarina (South Brazil) was opened since 1987 and is the first official beach for the Nudist in Brazil. Although loaded with exotica, does not mean every area of ​​the beach is open to the nudist, the beach is also subject to even modest clothing.

8. Haulover Beach, Florida

One of the beach area in Florida imposed a rule that underwear beach may also be worn or not. So for the nudist and those who just love to "watch" can together share the beach area is also guarded by a certified rescue coast. Uh, unfortunately rescuers nude beaches do not follow.

9. Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Exotica Hawaiian islands is no doubt. Beautiful beaches would become not only a tourist attraction, ocean lovers, certainly did the nudist. Actually, the local law does not allow nude sunbathing beach. But for the region littlet Beach in Maui, this rule in order to loose. Clothing beach is only an option, may be used, if not also fine.

10. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

This area is more personal. So which is usually like this place is not the nudist singles, but rather those who came with her ​​partner. There is a dress code in this area, so if you are a bit away from the beach, do not try to wander without clothes. Can-can you be the center attraction of the "new".


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