Julia Perez Anniversary-31

Sexy actress Julia Perez 31-year-old even in today's (Friday, 15 / 7). Many are in its path in both personal and professional lives. Not just a mere gossip, Jupe also able to prove themselves with a myriad of achievements that have been achieved.

And as a birthday gift this year, KapanLagi.com presents 10 Interesting Facts about Jupiter that should be listened to. What is it?

1. Not only exist in the entertainment world, the name of Jupiter is also known as a chess icon Indonesia after being appointed by the All-Indonesian Chess Association (PERCASI) on October 5, 2006. It also marked the opening of the tournament Julia Perez Rapid Open Chess Tournament.

2. Early in his career as an artist, female descendants of Sunda - Betawi has scored achievements with the entry in the list of nominations for the sexiest women 100 FHM and Maxim magazine in France.

3. Since 2008, Jupiter decided to plunge into the world of dangdut. He also branded as The Rocking rocking Blender. His first album, Kamasutra, had entered the lists of controversy because it provides condoms as a bonus.

4. Recorded already 18 movies starring Jupe. Starting from birth IN THE GRAVE in 2007 until Kuntilanak trance (2011). As for the soap opera there are 8 titles including DIVINE SECRETS, guidance, and Superboy.

5. In 2011, the Jupiter was asked to become ambassadors and national amateur boxing team manager Indonesia who competed in international amateur boxing championships President's Cup XXI. Recognized Jupe, soul sportivitasnya indeed very high.

6. About food, Jupe hooked spicy. However, one of which could immediately make drool is gudeg claw of Solo

7. Jupe have special rates for movies shown on the contract. More hot, more expensive also payment is received. If the chest is only slightly disclosed Jupe requested an additional 10 million. Well, if getting down, can be up to Rp40 million.

8. Jupe has a unique hobby, namely collecting condoms. When touring abroad, he has an agenda of contraception must hunt this one. As a result, the number of collection had hundreds more. In addition, Jupiter also likes to visit sex shop.

9. Year 2010, Jupiter had attracted into politics. He then ran as the Vice Regent Pacitan. However, in August 2010 he decided to resign.

10. For a Jupe, tattoos are accessories that really loves. With a tattoo, she felt sexy and powerful. So far he has two new tattoos on the neck and lower left abdomen. And to plan the next tattoo, he plans to add on the right side of his body to be more sexy when photographed from the side of it.

Sexiness Jupe make it very known to many people. In fact, the hot star American, Vicky Vette even admit it. Indeed, Jupe labeled a sex bomb because of his super wow! Even so, in terms of personality, Jupe is a low self-esteem. He is always with a friendly greeting all the fans via Twitter account.

Well, Happy Birthday Julia Perez. May all your birthday wishes come true:) (MPA / boo)

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