Can FPI Chairman Challenges From Dewi Persik equal to Sleep

JAKARTA-Dewi Persik (Depe) furious to hear statements Jakarta FPI chairman Habib Selon, who accused him of lying surgery virginity.

Anger owner of rocking the saw was poured through Twitter account. Former wife of Saipul Jamil Habib was even challenged to prove her virginity Selon marry her. However, eventually Depe firmly rejected if it should be married to Habib Selon.

"Wwuahhh selon habib, I call your name if you say FREE ... sy lie, it's up tp yg sy ... lying or ill, the husband just want to know sy sy.kalau VIRGIN or NOT SLEEP Habib SELON hrs sm sy, tp kosher, sygnya although ill WANT HALAL sy, "sharply Depe in twitter account on Wednesday (15/06/2011) at approximately 17:41 pm.

So he growled, chanter Stealth re-write it with no regard as a scholar Habib Selon.

"Habib SELON was not clergy, but Alim NGELAMAK. Sorry bro ...;)," he said.

As is known, Dewi Persik admitted conduct virginity operation. Artists do it because it's sensational film producer offered KK Dheeraj. KK widow invites sexy girlfriend Virgin ghost movies.

Goddess given the honor of Rp1 billion, in which a portion of the fee is the cost of virginity operation. The reason it's merry widow surgery virginity is to satisfy her husband later.

Depe action immediately reap the reaction of many people. One of Jakarta FPI chairman Habib Selon Aldi Taher widow who thinks it's just sheer lie and sensation seeking. (Rik)

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