Danger girlfriend using dental wire

There are some teenagers wear on the body accecories will add charm .. There is also accesories body that could once gus as an alternative to repair or treatment ..
Teenagers today do not like the teenagers of the past ... yes ... Confident teens now it does not rely on the beauty of her own body without having to use a variety of accesories .. such as earrings, bracelets, watches, headbands, lipstick, powder, deodorant, contact lens, until the wire teeth.
accecories many others that I have not write here ...
whether the reason they use this accecories just a fad .. just a style or simply because they do not Pede with his situation without these trinkets ..
For many teenagers are now at risk of trinkets that are less well loh ..
one of them if women using dental wire ..
perhaps when intimate with her boyfriend .. will result in very bad for her boyfriend .. what else if there is such an example the picture below ..

Well .. if it happened like this .. maybe you will feel the loss ..
should be careful to use knick knacks on the part of your body,


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