Foto Luna Maya At the Swimming Pool

Once active again in the world Entertain.. now luna maya venturing into the world of directors .. luna maya try his or her ability in the field of directing a video clips. some talent from which luna maya to enter into the world as it is today .. persutradaraan after some time ago luna buffeted by various problems .. starting problem Video Amatirannya with which the vocalist peterpan ariel peterpan very make luna drop. and now the couple ariel luna Amaya languishing in prison .. But despite languishing in prison ariel ariel luna relationship continues.
This time again the news hot from Luna maya .. luna expression in while swimming in the pool .. I myself did not expect to see foto luna by half-naked body was showing the beauty of luna are still ok quick.
who does not want a body like that of luna ..
This is some photos luna expression while swimming in the pool ..


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