Dwi pratiwi latest sitcom actress Hot Posing

Name: Dwi putrandiw
Date of birth: Jakarta, 10 March 1983
Weight Height: 170 cm / 52 kg
Shirt size: m pants: 29 bra: 36c shoes: 39/40
Educational Background: bina means of informatics
Occupation: model, actress
Hobbies: sports, shopping
Sinetron: 'big-gedean prestige', 'cecep 2', 'my love in the flats', 'mating hanging', 'ma-can girls,' 'I love hunting,' 'o'jomblo', 'ngaca dong', 'security guards and children Gedongan', guided liver'ketukan door ',' failed pilgrimage because of corruption ', a result of promiscuity-'merebut husband', 'mat toing', 'love witch'.
Favorite movie stars: tom cruise, julia robert, sophia Latjuba
Favorite musicians: Glenn Fredly

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