DJ WORLD MUSIC sexiest woman

Disco music is always accompanied by the DJ. the DJ will set-dentakan dentakan music that will make us want to jump up and prance to the rhythm that played by the DJ.
The DJ should Understand The music will be played to the audience to move from his seat to sway to the music. in various discotiq always have a few DJs.
nah .. below there are some women so sexy DJ is very famous in the world.

1. Jen Lasher, Annapolis, USA (Breaks)

2. Reid Speed, LOS ANGELES, USA (Breaks, drum n 'bass)

3. Miss Lisa, LOS ANGELES, USA (House)

4. Miss Yetti, BERLIN, GERMANY (Electro)

5. Sarah Main, SPAIN / U.S. (House, Tech House)

6. Annie Mac, LONDON UK (Breaks)

7. Scarlett Etienne, SAN FRANCISCO / NEW YORK CITY, USA (House)

8. DJ Lucca, CZECH REPUBLIC (Techno)

9. Sandra Collins, LOS ANGELES, USA (Trance)

10. DJ Rap, LOS ANGELES, USA (Drum n 'Bass, House)


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