Widi Vierra And Harassment Case boyfriend does not want Commenting

Vocalist Widy Vierra seemed reluctant to comment on the case in the month of Ramadan. After undergoing examination at the police station in South Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 8), Widy even selecting fuzzy when it completes its investigation.

"Entar aja ya in the car, I would like to open the same family also nih. Anyway ya gitu deh lah process," said Widy.

According to legal counsel, the perpetrator of abuse against him have been identified. However, Widy declined to elaborate. "Well I dont know. I just tuh answer the questions," says Widy.

Meanwhile, the same statement also said the lover, Star. According to him, the examination of her lover continues to grow.

"It's just like how it goes, wrote the same development," said the star who boarded a white Suzuki Swift with Widy B 205 TAR.



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