HOT "Video amateur Employee owned Gresik

Approaching not Care How Fasting Month .. Still in many places there is still a practicing nasty, not half-hearted, this time appears again Video Amateur Employee owned Gresik. Police Police Resort Kebomas Gresik has fielded a team associated with the release of intel video amateur employee BUMN Gresik. SOE employees Gresik hot video is already circulating in society Gresik.

KKebomas Kompol police chief told reporters on Yulianto video amateur employee BUMN Gresik "We did not know and have not received information regarding the circulation of a video nasty which the cast performed by one of SOE employees are circulating in the community."
Added Kompol Yulianto, up to now can not comment much associated with the video nasty bumn gresik the employee. However, the staff promised to immediately reveal who distribute video nasty so people can get the recording.

"Essentially we can not comment much because we do not know. But feedback from our reporters soon follow, "he said.
Just a note, a resident of the city of Gresik digegerkan by the circulation video Gresik nasty SOE employees who allegedly committed employees one of the State-owned enterprises (SOEs). Video nasty that lasted 12:06 minutes since three days ago (07/28/2011) already circulating in society Gresik.

In the video a pair of men who had the initials HD (49) employees of a state-owned company doing dirty deeds with a woman in the bathroom. Recorded video camcorders done in time not too long.

"Moving in residents since three days ago, previously only circulated in the Blackberry (BB) belongs to the citizens," said resident who declined to be named.
There are allegations video amateur employee BUMN Gresik was recorded in one of hotels in Surabaya, but then leaked in the hands of citizens Gresik. Based on the information gathered, the man with the initials HD located in a residential district Kebomas, Gresik. At the beginning of the fasting month again really outstanding video nasty, nasty video case Kebumen vocational students also have not been revealed, is now circulating more video nasty Gresik employees.


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