Raped girlfriend's brother .. Then hot on Posting Photos for Sale

JAKARTA - The behavior of these teenagers really do not commendable. Together the three collaborators, the perpetrators to destroy the future of young women, who also own girlfriend by his brother raped and then exciting pictures of her posted via the internet and Blackberry Massager (BBM) for sale.
Victim, Put (17) residents Rempoa, Chester District, South Jakarta, accompanied by relatives to report events that occurred on Thursday, July 26, to the Mapolres Central Jakarta, Sunday (31/07/2011) morning.

With the victim, the officers also went to the house Salim Al Jufry Fikry, or usually called Kiki, brain rape suspect, in the region Cibubur, to be examined.

Of the older brother of victim testimony, Ki, the incident happened at a karaoke at Senayan City, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. Victims who have recently graduated high school and college will continue, the suspect was originally invited to the karaoke with three co-suspects.

Feel familiar and even regarded as his own sister, the victim was not expecting to experience something like that, so do not refuse when asked. However, what he had expected turned out wrong. The suspect without knowing who the victim, feeding a drink until drunk and unconscious.

"In such circumstances, my brother was dragged into a bathroom that is in the karaoke room and then raped," said Ki, as told by her sister told her.

Not only that, he added, players who allegedly assisted the other three victims still lay unconscious on the couch. Deliberately clothes and underwear victim offender is released, and photographed 4 times and then spread on the internet and fuel for sale.

"The perpetrator had time to take my brother and said to the parents when my brother was robbed weak because of low hp is gone taken away," he said. Family originally believed, but after that, later saw the victim a lot of daydreaming and not lock myself in my room as usual.

Once urged to speak, the victim had previously admitted that he had raped and fed a drink by the suspect and his colleagues in a karaoke.



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