Bored With the body of the boyfriend, Find Affair .. ago Caught

MEDAN - Main hearts with other women, high school students have to stay diesel class 3 Police Medan. Induced conducted tersengka, dipacarinya lover who had more than a year, report to parents about their illicit deeds.
Rainbow (pseudonym) (16) residents Jalan Tanjung Anom, Medan Sunggal is claimed to have slept with her ​​boyfriend on repeatedly in the cafe in the region Elevent Padang Bulan, Medan. Rainbow Parents who do not receive, report acts Bayu Riski (16) Sei Lepan Road residents, Mapolresta Medan to Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 8) morning. No hayal, Bayu have widths in the resistant cells Mapolresta Medan.

Mapolresta found in Medan, Bayu said he can not remember the first time enjoying her lover's body. "I do not remember me bang, which must have often times I'm doing him in diwarnet," he said.

He continued, his girlfriend who was also a friend of one class in high school Laksana, Medan. He was caught cheating with another girl by her boyfriend.

"She bang, I got caught cheating, so he is desperate to report that we had done to his parents," said Bayu.

He said that, when caught in a love affair with another woman. At that moment, Rainbow mengantukan tried to end his life with his head against the wall. "He had tried to commit suicide, but I abort bang. Maybe he was upset and reported the act to his parents," said Bayu.

But when asked when the Rainbow attempted suicide, Bayu claimed not to remember it. "I forgot to bang, but not for long. Approximately 4 or a week ago," said Bayu room penyidi Gambling Unit Criminal Police Precept Medan while subduing the head.



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