What Makes Women Look Beautiful Face?

When you spend time exploring the beauty counter in search of a miracle can help you appear more attractive, it turns out what people see of your beauty is proportion. What are the signs of beauty, and why parts of it that makes us beautiful?

"All these questions relate to evolution," said Dr.. Pamela Pallett, a researcher from Dartmouth University. "You might want to have a healthy spouse because that person is either genetically, and the faces that we think are beautiful indicates a good descent."

We are accustomed to more attracted to certain faces than others. Sexual dimorphism, a term for the specific nature of sexuality, is one important factor in determining what we think is beautiful. The more feminine a woman, he would be considered more attractive.

"For women, things like large eyes, small nose and mouth of a thick more interesting because these things are considered to enhance the feminine face," said Dr.. Viren Swami, a reader of a person's character from the University of Westminster, one of the authors of "The Psychology of Physical Attraction," and experts YouBeauty Attraction. A further study noted that a large forehead, and chin and nose are smaller than average were more desirable women.

The reason? The researchers believe that we've evolved to consider the nature of femaleness as a sign of higher estrogen than testosterone. This means a high fertility rate-which in the end it all culminate in the ability to produce healthy offspring.

But just because you do not like Megan Fox does not mean you're not lucky. It is important to remember that overall facial proportions precedence over some of the more specific, he said. Swami. In other words, as long as there are still parts that make the face more feminine (although you have a big nose or lips are thin), you are still considered beautiful.

"If the high cheekbones contributed to enhance femininity, overall performance can be considered attractive," he explained. "No need to only high cheekbones."

When we talk about the cheeks, you will be surprised to learn that not all models are skinny or face stiff considered ideal. St.Andrews University study showed that the fat on the face, or facial fat, is actually more attractive to men. From an evolutionary standpoint, chubby face showed good heart health and immunity against various infections. Good health with a healthy baby, is not it? At least that's the case fell down unconscious.

Symmetrical faces and standards are also considered important in the beauty (yes, believe it or not, the 'standard' that's good). Both appear to signify the many differences in each individual protein, which leads to reduced birth defects.

"The workings of this symmetry is if you have a history of lack of balance during the growth of life-such as serious illness or malnutrition in the early days of growth, then you will have parts that are not symmetrical," explained Dr. Swami. Evoluisioner psychologists believe that humans have "evolved to be attracted to healthy attractive face, and facial symmetry is an indication of good health".

Another reason is because you look good you remember. A study at Brandeis University shows that many consider close friends, siblings and spouses more attractive than those not yet known. This suggests that the interest in having a close relationship with the social component.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Swami repeatedly found an idea in his research that he described as "love is blind prejudice": "Those who have romantic relationships will make the face of her partner as an ideal benchmark, so they will assume their partners are more physically attractive than the opinion of those More about her partner, "he said. But when your love relationships break up, the spell is lost. Slowly you will see him as what others see. Thick eyebrows that once you consider attractive? Yes-not like that anymore.

Radiant flawless skin is another factor in the attraction, so do not leave your dermatologist first. There are two main reasons: smooth skin indicates good health and youthful. The skin is smooth and hairless indicate low androgen and high estrogen content. Both indicate fertility.

We arrive at the magical power of makeup. "Alas powder smooths the skin, making it healthier and younger," said Dr.. Pallett. "Eye makeup and lipstick can also accentuate your natural feminine side." The darker and the contrast of the skin surrounding your lips, it becomes increasingly attractive. The reason? Associated with more healthy breathing, the oxygen supply will be better-even sexual arousal.

So if everything associated with evolution, why is not everyone who agrees who is beautiful and who is not? When you talk about individuals, it is more difficult. Evolution explains why we think some of it interesting. Factors such as voice, facial expressions, body language and personality also affect one's attractiveness. Means, the physical characteristics will only show yourself some time to beauty within you shine out.


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