Artists Saipul Jamil's wife dies during crash

Deaths Due to Accidents, Saipul Jamil's wife was pregnant?

Jakarta sad news is now blanketed pedangdut Saipul Jamil. The wife who he married just six months was killed in a single accident at KM 96.50 Tol Jakarta Purbaleunyi direction. Rumored that the wife was pregnant?

"The information we think so. Reportedly the victim who died was pregnant," said Iwan Mulyawan, Head of Public Relations Jasa Marga Purbaleunyi reporter when contacted by phone on Saturday (09/03/2011).

But Iwan can not explain more about the pregnancies of those killed in the accident. He did not see the detail of the signs that Jamil Saipul wife belly seemed bigger. "It looks bigger," he said.

"After the accident, then the next Purwakarta district police to handle. The victim was immediately taken to the Hospital Efarina Etaham Purwakarta," he added.

Chronology and causes of accidents are yet to be ascertained by the authorities because the victim has not been questioned. But the accident was allegedly caused by human erorr, driver drowsiness and the street in its path slightly decreased or ramps.

As is known Saipul Jamil's wife, Virginia Anggraini previously also had miscarried.

source: Detikcom


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