This He Alleged Police Accident Causes Death Saipul Jamil

Jakarta Police have linked the early identification cars carrying deadly accident pedangdut Saiful Jamil Toll Purbaleunyi Km segment 97. Saipul accident that killed his wife, Virginia Anggraeni was allegedly due to a number of factors. What?

"The condition of the streets around Kilometer it declined slightly and turn. If the vehicle be driven at high speed so accident prone," said District Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Purwakarta Bachtiar tip when contacted by AFP on Saturday (09/03/2011).

Other factors due to excess load of passengers. But police still have to check first to ensure Saipul Avanza cause it upside down.

"If the vehicle capacity of 5 persons and then filled 7 people that's not stable. But this we shall examine first, we prove," he explained.

The police will also check Saipul. However, the examination will be made after the relevant conditions of calm. Saipul vehicle being secured in the Post Jatiluhur.

Accidents happen to the family entourage Saipul Jamil at 10:00 am. Avanza car driven Saipul somersaults, which later resulted in his wife died.

source: Detikcom

Accident Video Saipul jamil


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