Brigadier Norman: I'm out from Mobile Brigade Member

Gorontalo - Brigadier Norman Kamaru Brimob Gorontalo famous "lip video sycn" song "Chaiya Chaiya" claim retreat from Brimob Gorontalo. "I resigned from the Mobile Brigade members," said Norman told reporters in Gorontalo, on Friday.

Norman withdrawal of the reasons that members of Mobile Brigade, according to him has nothing to do with his career in the music world, purely because this withdrawal does not want to continue longer a member of the Mobile Brigade. "My setback has nothing to do with a career in the music world, I purely backward because they do not want longer a member of the Mobile Brigade," he said.

He also said a statement early retirement of members of the Police Mobile Brigade had entered in Gorontalo, but did not receive approval from the Police. To that end he and his parents his plans on Saturday (17 / 9) will depart facing the Police Headquarters, filed a petition to stop the Mobile Brigade members.

Meanwhile, Norman's father, Idris Kamaru Norman expressed support dismissal of members of Mobile Brigade. "We support the decision of Norman, and will be with him facing the Police Headquarters tomorrow," said Idris.

Norman had previously claimed would never retreat from the police and did not want to continue his career in the music world.

On September 8, Norman has also been secured by Police Bolaang Mongondow (North Sulawesi) during a session of capturing images and video clips of the song "Crazy Love" creation Farhat Abas at Madrasah Aliyah Affairs.

Norman also had threatened sanctions confinement loss of Unity, the incident was the second time Norman Kamaru breach of discipline. He has also been sanctioned due to filming in one of the private television programs with Black & White Dedy Corbuzier, without the permission of the leadership.


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