A grandfather's hobby produces 50 children for sex

Jakarta, One of the advantages of men compared to women's reproductive age is not limited by menopause. A grandfather in Brazil for example, up to age 90 years could still menghasilan 50 children from four wives are still related. The only hobby is his grandfather having sex.

Luiz Costa de Oliveira, a retired farm workers in Brazil have 50 children and pleaded not able to remember his name one by one because of too many. Dozens of children's acquisition of four wives, a unique back 3 of them are still related to each other.

His first wife was Francisca, who had given him 17 children before she died. Since then Luiz relationship with his second wife, Maria Francisca da Silva who is now aged 64 years and has given him 17 children.

Because many child care hassles, she invites her sister who called Ozelita to live with the couple. Apparently not only competent care of children, Ozelita Luiz also managed to melt the hearts of women 58 years until it was used as a third wife.

From his third wife, Luiz add 'collection' child as many as 15 people. Not satisfied with that many children, the biological mother of both his wife Maria Francisca namely that he married 89-year-old is now also able to give her even though only 1 child.

With a total of 50 children from four wives are, Luiz claim could not remember his name one by one. Especially from his children, he now has a very large family with more than 100 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren.

In addition to captivate clever woman, apparently Luiz also experience sexual addiction or in medical terms is called hiperseks. This assumption is based on the recognition of his second wife, Francisca Maria that her husband was very fond of sex.

"My only hobby is having sex Luiz," said Maria Francisca as quoted from TheSun, Wednesday (09/21/2011).

Sex addiction is a disease similar to other addictive illnesses such as addiction to alcohol or drugs. Not a bit of time it takes to treat a sex addict.

Sex addiction is not just due to illness could not resist the temptation or sexual stimulation, but also because of an inability to control behavior. In fact, according to psychologists, sex addiction is now categorized as a neurological disease.

According to Maureen Canning, a clinical consultant from Meadows Addiction Treatment Center, Arizona, to actually cure a sex addict takes 2 to 5 years of therapy.


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