Enchantment Beauty of Mutiara Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine Chandrawinata gorgeous star will be playing in the adventure film titled MY BOYFRIEND SON Holden. Playing in the adventure genre films, Nadine inevitably must intersect with the outdoors and also the hot sun.

However, former Miss Indonesia is not at all afraid of her dark. "Then to take care of skin, just a healthy previously wrote that I continue to exercise the ginger drink before leaving, also continued to wear sunblock moisturizer as well," said Nadine Chandrawinata when encountered in the Nold Production, Jl Bangka II No. 33, Kemang, South Jakarta Saturday (10/09).

For her beauty is not always synonymous with white. Even pearls also have two colors: black pearls and pearl white. Nadine believes that whatever a woman's skin color is still beautiful.

"Whatever the color of our skin, she was still beautiful, pearl wrote some white and black, it's still a beautiful shape, just how the issue of beauty that it wrote,"

Gallery Photo's Mutiara Nadine Chandrawinata


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