Ten Celebrity Ever Troubled in Aircraft

Actor Gerard Depardieu and a member of the band Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong both had problems when dealing with aviation. Depardieu has no power to resist the desire to pee on the plane, while Armstrong got expelled because his pants were too saggy.

But Depardieu and Armstrong are just two of the many famous personalities who experience unpleasant things while in flight.

This is the complete list of the famous personalities who have problems of flight.

1. Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu, star of "Inspector Bellamy" like being a child again when she has to pee in a bottle of drinking water on Air France flight to Dublin. Colleagues said, the blame lies with prostate problems Depardieu, not liquor. When preaching this problem, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was unable to stifle a laugh.

2. Billy Joe

Guitarist and vocalist of the band Green Day's Billy Joe Southwest Airlines flight out of Oakland to Burbank. The reason? Pants that are too saggy. Anybody want to buy a belt?

3. Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel "Transformers" was forced off the flight New York to Kentucky last year for refusing to turn off his BlackBerry. Maybe he was sending a message to his wife Fergie to ask why she's acting sucks.

4. Kevin Smith

Director of "Clerks" Kevin Smith was escorted off the plane Southwest Airlines for violating regulations "the size of the customer". Roughly speaking, he considered too fat to fly

5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The king of "The Tudors' Jonathan Rhys Meyers refused a flight from New York to Los Angeles last May because of his behavior are considered making a scene. Meyers reportedly been drinking before flying. This makes him expelled from the United Airlines flight. Being king is not always fun.

6. Naomi Campbell's

Famous model Naomi Campbell's appearance seems inversely related to the very bad behavior. In 2008 he was handcuffed and forced out of a flight at Heathrow Airport for allegedly cursing a flight crew and spitting on a police officer.

7. Christian Slater

Christian Slater was arrested at JFK Airport in New York in 1994 while trying to enter the plane carrying a firearm. Actor "Heathers" is a sentence which requires you to spend three days with homeless children.

8. David Hasselhoff

In 2009 British Airways refused to star of "Baywatch" David Hasselhoff participate in the flight for drunkenness. Hasselhoff's spokesman said the actor was not drunk but was under the influence of antibiotics.

9. Mo'Nique

Comedian and actress Mo'Nique was forced from United Airlines flight after argument with the cabin crew about the hair dryer. Cast film "Precious" is blaming the issue of race as the cause of the incident.

10. Peter Buck

REM guitarist Peter Buck caused a stir on a flight from Seattle to Heathrow in 2001. He crashed into a tray of food, forced to keep the knives from the overturned cart, then squirted yogurt in every direction while trying to fight the cabin crew.


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