Tamara Bleszynski be a restaurant chef

Tamara Bleszynski ENOUGH long face does not appear on the screen. Since pregnant and gave birth Kenzou Bleszynski Leon Lewis on December 22, 2010, he spent more time at home, taking care of his little family. Yesterday, she looks bloody Polish wara-wiri at a restaurant in City Plaza, South Jakarta. Not just a lunch, he seems to be the cook at the restaurant called it the Negev. Can cook? "From my first hobby cook. I really love food, "he said. Her husband, Mike Lewis, who most often pampered with hand processed. Canadian man was, admittedly loved it. "Yes, I am happy to cook extravagant my dear, my husband, Mike Lewis," she said and smiled.

When invited to join the Negev, the actress was born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, December 25, 1974 it had hesitated. He's hobby materials processing and seasoning mix, but presenting it to the people, he's not confident enough. Encouragement Mike Tamara agreed ultimately makes the offer. Other family members and friends, as well as support for them. "I support a wife, and I'm sure he can," said Mike Tamara accompany the afternoon. Now, Tamara days spent in the kitchen was a lot of the Negev, a guest chef.

"At first I was excited. No thought could be a real chef. But I'm so grateful because my hobby is cooking, "said Tamara. Before finally dared to present the food on the table diners, movie stars Waterfall Bride's learned a lot from a number of famous chefs. As a cook, he would like to present the best and delicious menu. "When I was nine months pregnant, I was still ripe. That being my love of the culinary world, "he said.


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