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Celine Evangelista or used to be called was born in Italy, 2 April 1992. He is known as an advertising model, soap star and the big screen, but also starred in the video clip.

Product advertising has ever starred in between IM3 and PTC Mall, while his acting is shown through the soap opera LIKE THIS, I AM PREGNANT, PENGANTIN TEENS, DIVINE SECRETS, TEENS LOVE and romance. Celine has also starred in TV (FTV), LIKE THIS, GHOST, GHOSTS OF MYTH WIG and Aladdin.

Women who played the film since the age of 12 years, also have contributed to feature films and SIX EMPTY SEAT. While the music group Meteor Ban also been entrusted the female lover of music videos on this red and white.

Celine Evangelista is one of Indonesia actress who started her career through a selection of my friend's Model 2007. Celine has been playing since the age of 12 films with the support of wide screen film Empty Bench (2004). Other films that have supported Six (2007).

But Celine's name better known through a glass screen, among others through the soap opera Is this, I'm pregnant, teen Bride, and several soap operas are now stripping out the slot in one of the private television station. Post completing his responsibilities as a sitcom actress stripping, now Celine Evangelista, who was born in Italy on February 4, 1992 is more of their time in activities off the water. Quite striking difference between the activities of water and took the opportunity he explained as he showed a tight schedule to come to many cities.

Full name: Celine Evangelista
Gender: Female
Birth place: Italy
Date of birth: April 2, 1992

Soap opera ever starred :

* Is this It
* I'm Pregnant
* Wedding Youth
* Divine Secrets
* Love
* The romance Teenagers
* Love Interest
* Sacred
* Bayu Remix (BCL)
* rays

film :

* Empty Bench (2004)
* Six (2007)
* Curse ngesot Sister (2009)

Gallery Photo's Celine Evangelista :


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