10 Artis Hollywood The End No School

A number of world celebrities do not successfully complete their education until graduation. These celebrities prefer to train hard for their career advancement in the field of keartisan. They do not regret leaving school after their dreams become artists famous in Hollywood.

School dropouts will make someone a bleak future. Without the expertise and do not have a diploma, it's hard to compete with others. But, it does not apply to celebrity below.
Without high school, they managed to generate billions of dollars. But, do not emulate their bad choices that opted out of school. Here are 10 artists who drop out of school world as quoted from Hollyscoop:

1. Simon Cowell
At the age of 16, Simon Cowell decided to get out of high school. Cowell thinks the school is only a waste of time. He did not feel challenged. However, Cowell's career in the entertainment industry still shining.
Ability and sharp eye in looking at a person's talent to deliver Cowell became millionaires in the world of entertainment. He successfully led several singers became famous. He also managed to bring the show 'American Idol' to be a great event and classy. Now he is busy with his new show, 'The X Factor'.

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones
At the age of 15 years, Catherine Zeta-Jones dropped out of school. He chose to leave school for a career keartisannya. He wanted to be a famous actress. Today, Catherine is one of Hollywood's top artists. He is famous thanks to his role with Antonio Banderas in 'The Mask of Zorro'. A number of films starring this artist bloody Wales. He also included the highest-paid female star.

3. Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey leave school at a high school in Toronto. The actor decided to try his fortune went to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. Carrey and downs in pursuing his ambition to become an actor. He was joined at the comedy club for seven years. After that, he had to get roles in Hollywood movies.

4. Quentin Tarantino
He quit school in the first year. She felt she could learn on their own and gain more knowledge when he taught himself. In fact, he had worked in a porn theater.
Currently, he is known as a renowned director. His films always the box office. Top actors and actresses always strive to be a part in his film.


5. Al Pacino
The actor was admitted to a famous art school in New York. He enrolled in acting school. Unfortunately, he suffered a failure in every classroom. So at the age of 17 years, Al Pacino decided to get out of school. He chose to walk alone. Studying acting alone to become famous actors like today.

6. Kelly Osbourne
He dropped out of school is not like any other actress or actor who intentionally drop out of school in order to pursue their dreams of stardom. Kelly dropped out of school because of drug problems. He left school because he had to undergo rehabilitation. After repeated rehab drug addiction, Kelly can now breathe easier. He was back on with his life.

7. Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg experience it differently. He decided to get out of school because he felt it was too heavy for him in carrying out his days in school.

8. Hillary Swank
Hilary Swank admits he is not proud record as an artist who drop out of school. Although he became a successful actress and won an Oscar, he feels education is still something important. Swank admitted she had experienced kesultan in acting since he dropped out of school. He plays hard to be a teacher when it came to acting in movies.

9. Juliette Lewis
Juliette Lewis of life experienced in adolescence is very heavy. He did not just drop out of school at the age of 14 years but he must face his parents' divorce. He did not want slumped with complicated issues it faces. Lewis tried to get up and pursue their aspirations to become an actress, that dream was realized. He managed to become an actress. In fact, Lewis had a date with a number of actors. Lewis had a relationship with Brad Pitt.

10. Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan get out of high school. If Hillary Swank was not proud of dropping out of school, Megan is the opposite. He felt happy and proud. He felt more free when not in school to pursue her career.


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